Brock Imperial

This new asparagus was developed for asparagus growers that demand only the best. What makes "Brock Imperial" the best? Over 30 years of intensive plant breeding have gone into the development of "Brock Imperial." It is a proven variety under arid and semi-arid growing conditions. 

To be the best, you have to compete with the best and "Brock Imperial" does just that! This new line begins producing earlier during the harvest season by seven to ten days compared to most other popular varieties. It also is capable of yielding more per acre than any other variety. It has excellent uniformity and fast reinitiating of spears after cutting. "Brock Imperial" has more spears per crown than most other early hybrids. Its large, dark green spears with tight, smooth deeds make an excellent fresh market package. 

In addition to the many features you’ve just read about, "Brock Imperial" is rust resistant and has good heat tolerance in the fern stage of growth.

Give "Brock Imperial" a try next time you plant. It really is the best!


The “Brock Imperial” asparagus cultivar is rapidly becoming the most popular variety on the market today for arid and semi-arid regions. It has been planted with good commercial success in the desert areas of the United States and Mexico, as well as the warmer climates of the southern hemisphere, southeast Asia, southern Europe, and the Middle East. 

“Brock Imperial” asparagus seed is the result of forty plus years of intensive plant breeding in California and Mexico by three generations of Brock family. Careful selection of desirable plants, later crossed and back-crossed, has produced the variety known today as “Brock Imperial.” It is considered to be the best variety for over-all performance in the geographical areas mentioned above. 

The characteristics of “Brock Imperial” include deep green color (an absence of purple bracts), above average size, tight heads, earliness, and strong plant vigor, resulting in above average yields. In multiple trials in California and Mexico, “Brock Imperial” has always out-performed all other commercial varieties. 

“Brock Imperial” requires less dormancy than any other variety, and when grown properly, enjoys a premium from early market slot. The smooth green spear retains its quality throughout the harvest season. 

“Brock Imperial” has been tested to be free of latent Virus 2 as well as Sclerotinia. The level of tolerance to fusarium is better than other varieties planted in warmer climates. The condition known as “rust” is almost non-existent with this variety. 


The Brock family has never formally released any asparagus breeding material to the University of California or anyone else (until very recently), other than our father, the late Warren Brock, who contributed certain asparagus plants to Frank Takatori at UC Riverside for the eventual use in the development and release of UC 157 in 1978. In 1984, Don and Dave Brock released for sale to the general public, “Brock Imperial” and it has been planted extensively in California and Mexico. Regrettably, this line has been pirated repeatedly, and now shows up in several other commercially released varieties around the world. Those companies and varieties are well known, and this information can be provided upon request. Such names as “Brock’s Imperial,” “Brock Improved” and/or “Brock Select” are bogus, and the origin of these names is unknown. 

In order to have a more orderly and meaningful marketing program, Don and Dave Brock released a newer variety in 2004, “Early California,” which has slightly larger size and is very early. Don and Dave Brock have required certain documentation take place when the newly released variety, “Early California,” is sold to any individual or company. As of now, every seed that has been sold of this variety is accounted for using a registry number system, and a non-propagation agreement must be signed by the party purchasing the seed. In addition, the same practice of identifying every sale of “Brock Imperial” using a registry number has been in place since 2006.

Originally, it was the policy of the Brock family that no outside trials were to be done, for fear of losing control of the breeding lines. There are reported to be certain trails over the last 10-15 years where some variation of the “Brock Imperial” lines were used, but that material would not be true or genuine. At best, it would be an F2, and more likely, it was some random variety sold or provided by a less than ethical entity. There are today numerous trials being conducted around the world by responsible parties of the “Early California,” with the approval of Don and Dave Brock. 

Over the years, we have done our own trial here and in Mexico with “Brock Imperial.” It is a fact, that with the exception of 157 and some Jersey varieties, all of the asparagus being grown in Mexico today is from some of the original Brock lines. The reason for this is because Warren Brock pioneered the industry in Mexico, and those succeeding entities operating there today were associated with his work in Mexico.


The flowing harvest information is from an asparagus planting of 72 acres by seed using “Brock Imperial.” The spacing was one line on a 42 inch bed, and a plant interval of 6-8 inches. Irrigation method was gravity. 

1996 52 1560
1997 273 8190
1998 275 8250
1999 255 7650
2000 242 7260
Planting date for above: September 11, 1994 - Harvest period: January - March
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