A Brief History of the Brock Seed Company Owners

Donald E. Brock & David W. Brock

Brothers Don Brock and Dave Brock were born and raised in El Centro, California. Both Don and Dave hold Bachelor degrees in agriculture from the University of California at Davis. Don and Dave are third generation farmers following in the footsteps of their late grandfather and father, James E. Brock and Warren H. Brock. 

With a history of nearly 90 years of growing asparagus in California and Mexico, the Brock family has pioneered the development and growing of asparagus varieties for arid and semi-arid areas of the world. After extensive research and plant breeding, Brock Seed Company released their first commercial variety in 1984, known as “Brock Imperial.” Following many more years of additional breeding and testing, a second commercial variety “Early California,” was released to the public in 2004 (patent pending). 

In addition to being involved in production agriculture for over 30 years, both brothers have actively participated in a variety of professional and civic organizations. Don served as Executive Assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in the 1970’s, and also was named National Chairman of Farmers and Ranchers for Reagan/Bush in 1984. He is a past Board Member for the Western Growers Association and past President of the Imperial Valley Vegetable Growers Association. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Imperial County Farm Bureau. Don has also been retained as a consultant for various asparagus farming operations in California, Arizona, and Mexico. Dave is a member of Western Growers Association, Imperial County Farm Bureau, and the El Centro Lions Club. He has participated in numerous seminars and graduate courses given by the University of California and the University of Arizona, as well as various International Asparagus Symposiums. 

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